4 Benefits of Having Global Project Managers on Your Team

Planning, developing, and monitoring projects takes integrity, efficient communication skills, and strong leadership. An effective Project Manager must obtain technical expertise, exceptional problem-solving and negotiation skills, and the ability to manage a project’s life cycle. While businesses continue to pursue and use international suppliers, the expense of international travel, and the various worldwide travel restrictions, the search for quality Global Project Managers are becoming increasingly popular.

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April 26, 2022

Is There a Difference Between a Project Manager & Global Project Manager?

Whereas our traditional domestic Project Managers do not typically encounter cultural barriers or international laws, many companies extend their capabilities to other countries. As the corporate world expands its resources internationally, traditional Project Managers are being asked to enter a space of unfamiliarity. Virtual meetings around the 24-hour clock (depending on the time zone), multicultural barriers, and international law, some of which are foreign skills to their traditional PM mastery. The difference? Global Project Managers are becoming an essential component of many international businesses as they understand the various cultures surrounding them, are submerged within local laws and are highly skilled in managing the obligations of an international project.

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