Supplier Identification & Selection

We always want to do right by our customers and our suppliers. Our team works to provide you with a high-quality product at an affordable price, which is why we thoughtfully select our suppliers based on your company’s needs. HBI aims to pair you with the right supplier in the best location to consistently bring you the highest quality goods and services at the lowest and most competitive price. When selecting suppliers, our team uses a systematic approach that incorporates extensive research and thorough investigation to ensure good manufacturing practices (GMP) are being met. We work to ensure that not only does our hand-selected supplier align with your company’s values but also complies with all distinct industry-based regulations.

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Supplier Certification

Our quality assurance team performs supplier audits and unannounced visits at periodic intervals to ensure product quality standards are not compromised. As “audits” are essentially used to understand the “big picture” of your supplier, our highly qualified team conducts an unbiased evaluation of our suppliers to improve operating efficiency, reduce cost, and improve quality enhancements. To meet HBI’s standards and our customer’s expectations, our top priority is to ensure that our certified suppliers perform at their highest performance to eliminate high-risk concerns and ensure product integrity.

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RFQ Management

RFQ (Request for Quotation) Management
A pivotal decision-maker, our team works diligently to ensure we select the most suitable and competitive supplier for your project. Through HBI’s detailed planning and preparation, this is our opportunity to narrow down our hand-selected suppliers to those most eligible to meet your project requirements. We customize all of our RFQ’s to meet the needs of each customer to allow our suppliers an opportunity to evaluate your project accurately. HB International’s quoting process includes distributing product specifications, project requirements, and other details requested to potential suppliers to ensure quote accuracy and communicate expectations upfront.

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Product Management

From concept to completion, we bring your vision to life. From product conceptualization, we are committed to engineering and sourcing the right supplier and materials to ensure your product functions seamlessly while being aesthetically superior. We go beyond expectations to achieve final results, working with you through every step of the product design and development process. From new product strategy, idea generation, screening, evaluation, business analysis, development, testing, and commercialization, our expertise, and insights guide you through this process to ensure no detail is overlooked and that the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

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