It’s More Than The Product: What We Love About Quality

Good, fast, cheap

These are three words that encompass entirely different meanings that ultimately depict the culture of your business. Unfortunately, obtaining all three of these values isn’t sustainable. A company that focuses on varying combinations of these words will tell you that certain combinations are more beneficial for them than others. For example, combining the terms good and cheap may equate to a high-quality product at a low cost; however, maybe the lead time of this project is incredibly off-putting and doesn’t meet your customer’s demands. Perhaps your business has toyed with the terms: fast and cheap. The fallback? There could be concerns with the quality of your product, a risk to your company’s reputation, and disappointed customers. Alternatively, your business might focus attention on the terms: good and fast, but after receiving a quote, you realize it’s much too expensive to produce and well out of your customer’s project budget. Now what?

November 11, 2021

Of course, there may always be reservations to your decision, yet ultimately, it’s critical for a business to decide which of these three words represents your culture the most.

For HB International? We choose the term good. Good represents our quality culture and our desire to produce high-quality products and exceed our customers’ expectations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our business is solely based on the demand to develop and strengthen a positive, trusting, working relationship to fulfill our customers’ needs. As a team, we believe that cheap and fast are interchangeable depending on our customers’ wishes and always dependent on the most current status of our international supply chain.

So how does HB International work with these three words? Here are our top four reasons why WE love quality, and our customers love working with HBI:

Our team’s decisions are based purely on quality

Our certified quality team is here to ensure that your product has a thorough product control plan, customized product specifications and is randomly inspected throughout production. Even before your product is in the hands of your customer, our team works diligently to reduce risks through in-house random sampling and pre-shipment inspections. These opportunities allow our team to communicate good test results while also addressing quality concerns that will be resolved before the product hits the water. Qua