From That to This: Sustainable Food Service Packaging


Ready to switch gears and enter the world of sustainability? Perhaps you’ve briefly dabbled in sustainable packaging, but now you’re prepared to dive in. Fortunately, the food service industry has a wide variety of sustainable packaging options. As businesses are becoming more eco-conscious, seeking alternatives to plastic packaging, HB International is here to connect our food service industry customers with high-quality suppliers, producing incredible sustainable food service options.


HBI_Sustainable Food Service_Packaging

September 27, 2023

While eco-friendly food packaging options are becoming more favorable and competitive with plastic alternatives, HB International’s team has collaborated with our suppliers to share our most recent “From That to This” campaign, highlighting popular items for your Sustainable Food Service Packaging solutions.

HBI_Fiber Clamshells

HBI_Fiber Tableware

HBI_Fiber Cups & Lids