International Outsourcing? [3 Quality Reasons To Consider]

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It’s 2022, and you have a fresh, new budget, big business goals, but yet - something doesn’t feel quite right. Although you may not recognize it right now, you may encounter situations this year that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential. Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware of these roadblocks, you may not realize how to avoid them or overcome them. While international outsourcing continues to be a conflicting topic of business conversation, we’re here to share with you four subtle clues that may have a positive influence and may even lead you to alter the way you conduct business. Whether you’re looking to invest in international outsourcing or just curious how it could benefit your business, international outsourcing strategies are explicitly geared to play to your strengths and values to meet your business goals.

Stay In Touch! 6 Tips For Quality Communication With Your Suppliers Through CNY

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Now is certainly not the time to go "missing" from your supplier. If you're looking to continue producing high-quality products at an affordable price, it's critical to remain in close contact with your supplier and carefully oversee your order(s). Before the Chinese New Year, suppliers rush through production, doing everything they can to ensure orders placed before CNY are completed and shipped on time. Positive and supportive communication can help to alleviate stress for both of you during this hectic time. Whether virtual or in-person, our global sourcing team has compiled six tips to ensure you continue to have consistent, quality communication with your supplier.

We’re All In The Same Boat: Our Tips In Preparing for CNY 2022

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As a Global Sourcing Agency, it is our job to ensure our customers are well-informed of the status of their current projects, future orders, and the holiday schedules of their suppliers. While our world enters a season of excitement and joy, it is also a time that businesses endure a lot of stress. Temporary closures and shut-downs mean stagnant factories and an idle supply chain, as companies strategically gamble through their “built-up” inventory, hoping to appease customers through early Spring. For importers, the anticipation of Chinese New Year (CNY) can create havoc and unwanted agony as the dates of the CNY holiday can range between two weeks and a couple of months.