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Our Mission

Global Sourcing Agency

HB International is a Global Sourcing Agency that facilitates global sourcing solutions amongst our customers and suppliers. From rigorous supplier selection and factory audits to product design, development, and inspections, our team works with suppliers to provide the highest quality service and products to ensure your business continues to thrive in its industry.

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Why are companies choosing HB International as their #1 choice for global sourcing?

HBI facilitates alliances between our customers and suppliers to ensure quality service and products, providing value to your business.

Our suppliers are pre-qualified through industry-specific certifications and best practices.

We customize every RFQ to meet each of our customers’ needs while allowing our suppliers an opportunity to evaluate your project accurately.

HBI works with third-party auditors and monitors all internal processes from project initiation to completion to achieve your final product.

In collaboration with our suppliers, HBI’s Quality Assurance team conducts pre-production and pre-shipment inspections to ensure your products meet specifications and expectations.

Our team collaborates with suppliers and logistics teams to expedite order fulfillment.

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Who We Are

Since 2002, HB International has served as a Global Sourcing Agency in the United States with project management services located in Asia. We provide services to North American companies to help design, develop, and produce products in conjunction with our suppliers. Our skilled and trained project managers are local to the manufacturing facility. Whether it’s sourcing, project management, engineering, quality assurance, or customer service, we work with our suppliers to expeditiously deliver high-quality products.

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“Our Team is committed to building global partnerships with customers & suppliers to deliver the highest quality products, while simultaneously advancing responsible manufacturing practices to further the innovation & development of sustainable solutions.”