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Facilitating global partnerships since 2002

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Who is HBI?

HB International is a Global Sourcing Agency headquartered in the US with full project oversight being managed locally in Asia. Since 2002 HBI has made a name for itself in the packaging industry by delivering unparalleled quality products faster than its competitors by building a team of highly skilled & trained project managers that are local to the manufacturing facilities. Every member of the HBI team is an expert in their area, ensuring the highest quality product with the lowest overhead.

With HBI’s “boots on the ground” team structure, we’re able to engage on-site with our suppliers without the need for extended travel.

Meet Our Core Team

Our experts in all areas of focus are committed to providing excellence.

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Scott Hamilton

President & CEO

Sheryl headshot

Sheryl Hamilton

Vice President Administration

Erin headshot

Erin McDaniel

Director of Sales & Marketing

Zhuang headshot

Zhuang Zi Jie

Director of Operations

Lecky headshot

Lecky Zhang

Director of Quality Assurance

Certified ISO Auditor and Certified BRCGS Auditor

Annie headshot

Annie Xue

Senior Project Manager

Tim headshot

Tim Zeng

Quality Manager

Certified ISO Auditor and Certified BRCGS Auditor

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Our History

A timeline of our company’s continuous growth, expansion, and documented milestones along the way. A never ending journey of improvement and self discovery. We continuously strive to increase our global presence and make a difference in how the world does business!

2002 - Founded as HB Associates.
HB Associates begins facilitating Food Service Packaging out of China.

HB Associates forms corporation and opens HB International. HB International (HBI) opens a Representative Office (RO) in Shanghai & HBI expands its market into Moving & Storage.

HBI expands product categories to include Caps, Closures & Dispensers.

HBI Certifies Top Quality Personnel as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 & BRCGS Auditors. HBI Diversifies into Adjacent Packaging Markets including Household & Industrial Packaging and Jan-San Products.

HB International initiates China + 1 Strategy: HBI begins certifying and acquiring suppliers in Taiwan and Malaysia; HBI expands product offerings to include Glass Packaging and Tin & Metal Packaging

HBI’s China + 1 Strategy continues, extending its reach of qualified suppliers into Vietnam and Cambodia.

HBI’s Quality Team develops necessary tools and procedures to conduct Supplier Audits, Pre-Shipment Inspections, and HACCP Mock Recalls virtually.

HBI launches “From That to This” Sustainability campaign, providing customers opportunities for sustainable packaging solutions (Premium Paper Boxes & Tubes, Sustainable Food Packaging, Flexible Packaging, etc.)

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“Our Team is committed to building global partnerships with customers & suppliers to deliver the highest quality products, while simultaneously advancing responsible manufacturing practices to further the innovation & development of sustainable solutions.”