The Recipe for Great Quality: Supplier Audits & Product Inspections

Consumers want good quality. Consumers pay for high quality. Consumers have come to expect excellent quality. Although most might consider great quality to be what’s placed directly into our consumer’s hands, it should be facilitated and maintained at every stage of your product’s life cycle. From supplier audits to product specifications, production, product inspections and shipping, businesses who choose to insert quality into every aspect of their business may find a more positive customer experience and retention than those who don’t. We’re here to share two aspects of our quality control processes and why customers continue to choose HB International as their Quality Control specialist.


April 12, 2022

Ingredients for Great Quality: Supplier Audits

Establishing trust with your supplier is vital to your business’ success. Ensuring that your product is produced with GMP (or Good Manufacturing Practices) should encourage you to know that your supplier follows proper production procedures, implements a good employee management system, and manages healthy working condition protocols. While audits are highly recognized as an excellent opportunity for businesses to vet out potential suppliers, they also offer companies a way to ‘check in’ with current suppliers, make observations, and see that said performance expectations are continuing to be met.

Supplier audits have incredible benefits for both the vendor and the business that chooses to work with them. Not only might an auditor’s results provide information that discloses opportunities to increase performance or reduce potential risks, but audits can initiate positive growth for both parties. From a supplier’s perspective, audits offer the advantage of gaining visibility into areas of potential risk as well as insight to motivate and boost supplier management teams, ensuring all employees remain engaged in their specific tasks and continue to improve their individual performances.


Why Our Customers Appreciate HBI’s Supplier Audits:

Our audits are conducted in person with our certified Quality Assurance team. Certified through BRCGS and FSC 22000, our QA team conducts routine supplier audits to ensure cost, quality, and safety remain a priority. Over the past twenty years, our QA team has developed and evolved HBI’s audits to reflect the many various products that we source. In working with many different suppliers in multiple industries, our team continues to educate and certify ourselves to become experts in these areas for you and your product.