To Use or Not to Use: Addressing Your Concerns with Plastic Packaging

Plastic. It’s a sensitive subject and, yes, we’re talking about it. Ideally, we would all love to eliminate waste in a perfect world. However, in reality, plastic isn’t the only thing triggering environmental conversations. Even though limiting the use of plastic is commendable, there are many reasons why businesses continue to rely on plastic packaging for their products. We’re here, as a team, to address your concerns while simultaneously incorporating our twenty years of packaging experience to share through a realistic lens why plastic can remain an excellent packaging alternative for your product.

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March 22, 2022


Rather than looking at plastic packaging as a disgrace to society, let’s take a peek through a realistic lens that provides a more positive perspective on why companies continue to incorporate plastic packaging into their product lines.

Not only is plastic packaging an inexpensive option for many businesses, but there are many reasons why businesses continue to use plastic packaging. It provides durability and protection from contaminants and humidity, reducing the risk of unsafe food products and food waste. As a result? Plastic is a reliable preserver of foods, whose protection helps to increase a product’s shelf life, equating to less food and perishables being discarded and wasted in landfills.

While plastic packaging is essential within the foodservice industry, it is also incredibly beneficial for those with products in the medical and hospitality industry and those products involved in healthful living. Many of these products have an expiration or use by date, meaning the preservation of these products must be adequate and safe for consumers. Plastic packaging enables these products to obtain the longest preservation possible while maintaining the safety and best use of the product for consumers.


Sticking With Plastic? It’s OK! Here Are Opportunities For You To Explore “Sustainable” Plastic Options:

Reduce the Amount of Plastic