What are Precision Molds?

Precision molds is the art of building injection molds with extreme accuracy to precise specifications. It is a process that creates designs and geometric shaping using today’s most advanced technological machinery.

Taking engineering expertise and experience to give you the high level of quality that you deserve.

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Product Design
A process that uses state-of-the-art mold-making technology, our team goes above and beyond for our customers. Through brainstorming and collaboration, we work to ensure the product's design, tolerances, and specifications are maximized to fit the development of your product best.

In the final stages of your product's design, HBI teams up with our customers and design engineers to verify your product is functional and manufacturable.
Mold Design
Designing for manufacture is a thoughtful procedure that invites ingenuity, creative talent, and originality. With careful planning, cutting-edge technology, and extensive research, HBI's team and mold engineers consciously design each unique mold detail to complement your product and its ability to be efficiently manufactured.

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced engineers who will ensure your product is manufactured to your exact vision.
Precision Machinery
Ready to learn if your product is functional? Prototypes empower our team the advantage of testing our intended design to see if it's ready for production. As we want to avoid the potential for expensive quality concerns, prototyping enables us to collect high-quality data and conduct proper testing that determines if the mold is manufacturable.

At the end of the day, the manufacturability of your mold must uphold its unique specifications and ensure the functionality of your product for your consumers.
Your customized mold design is one step closer to a final product for manufacturing! We incorporate the most advanced tools in automation machinery and technological resources to assure your mold is produced explicitly to its specifications and mold design. While there are many variations of precision molds, each process is incredibly unique.

HBI and our team of expert designers and engineers provide unparalleled quality and customer service from your project's initial design all the way through to production.

Areas of Tooling Mastery

Looking for an opportunity to be unique? Personalize your product with customized caps & closures.

Custom Caps & Closures

Whether you're looking for a bottle cap, laundry detergent closure, or child-resistant closure, we offer a variety of custom tooling options to suit your customer's demands. Disc top caps, flip top caps, pivot spout caps, ribbed screw top caps, or smooth flat caps? There are endless opportunities suitable for your unique product.

Multi-Material Closures

Multi-Material closure molds are quickly gaining popularity as the demand for multi-colored closures continues to increase. Customers are gaining a competitive advantage over their competition by incorporating multi-material closures into their product line.

Offering an even wider variety of molds for our customers:

Additional Areas of Tooling Mastery

Unscrewing Closure Molds
Flip-Top Closure Molds
Collapsing Core Closure Molds
Personal Care + Beauty Closure Molds
In-Mold Closing (IMC) Closure Molds
Bump-Off Closure Molds
Bump-Off Closure Molds
Two Shot Closure Molds
Free Drop Closure Molds
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