Rigid, Semi Rigid, or Flexible? Choosing the Best Packaging For Your Cannabis Product

December 08, 2020

As the cannabis market continues to grow and expand, businesses need to ensure they’re providing their consumers with a high-quality product. Packaging plays an essential role in providing customers with an exceptional product. At the same time, businesses use their packaging to communicate with consumers about their particular product, distinguishing them from their competitors.

When selecting the most optimal packaging option for your product, businesses need to recognize the affects that each type of packaging will have on their products. Whether your business is looking to start small or dive into the cannabis industry, here are the following packaging options you may want to consider:


This is any type of hard packaging such as glass, hard plastic, or metal. These containers have many advantages for cannabis. They are reusable, available in various sizes, enhance shelf life, and contribute to lower oxidation rates while preventing contents from getting tampered with or crushed.

Rigid packaging consists of many lids options, such as pop-top, twist and turn, and screw lids. Before committing to a particular packaging model, always ensure you adhere to your area’s legal standards, as these may vary depending on your location.

Examples of Rigid Packaging include but are not limited to:

Glass Jars
Essentially, glass jars are the “gold standard” for flower packaging. Glass jars are airtight and odor-proof, protecting your product from any outside influences. Simultaneously, glass jars provide a high-quality appearance and are reusable.

Borosilicate Tube Jars
While this option for flower packaging has similar benefits to glass jars, it is a less expensive alternative. Borosilicate tube jars allow for custom printing and various lid options.

Pop-Top Tubes
These are a perfect option for pre-roll packaging. The purpose of pop-top tube packaging is to ensure your product is not damaged during transit. For “On the Go” consumers, this airtight, child-resistant tube is waterproof and created to ensure your cannabis product maintains its quality and shape.