From That to This: Attain Sustainability With Mono-Material Dispensing [Part 3 of 4]

While it may appear to be an ordinary plastic pump on the outside, the internal structure of your dispensing pumps may be why it’s not recyclable. Ordinarily, these pumps are produced with a combination of different materials (i.e., metal and glass); however, as consumers continue to become eco-conscious and challenge the future of sustainability, businesses are investing in replacing these glass and metal materials with plastic, recyclable alternatives. Rather than disassembling the pump to separate the metal spring and glass ball from the plastic components, consumers can now recycle the entire pump, as it is, guilt-free.

Additionally, because these pumps are produced from the same material family, this consequently lessens the time and energy necessary to manufacture these products and provides a more compatible, recyclable alternative to traditional dispensing options.


March 29, 2023

“From That to This”

Part 3 of our sustainability series focuses on the cutting-edge design and benefits of mono-material pumps. These “one-material” pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dispensing as they are produced using only one recyclable material. These pumps are manufactured and specifically designed to dispense various viscosities, making them the perfect sustainable solution for many industries, including personal care and household products. Comparably, mono-material pumps are designed and constructed to endure the same usage as traditional pumps. While they offer the opportunity to be recycled, they are also a great reusable option.