Project Description

Food & Hospitality Packaging

Protecting What’s Inside

When it comes to making sure you’re thoroughly prepared to service your customer needs, we deliver the products to meet all of your packaging applications. Our solution-based mindset is always looking to enhance product design from plastic cutlery and flexible packaging to meal kits and bagasse products. We ensure your customer is always satisfied with their high-quality and competitively priced packaging essentials.


We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce nearly any product or specification you are in the market for, from sushi trays and lids to plastic cutlery and paper products.

  • Sushi Trays & Lids

  • Sippy Cup Lids

  • Plastic Plates & Bowls

  • Yogurt Spoons

  • Coffee Stirrers (Plastic/Bamboo)

  • Serving Forks & Spoons

  • Salad Server

  • Measuring Cups

  • Plastic Cutlery

  • PLA Cutlery & Food Containers

  • Bagasse Food Containers

  • Foil Trays & Lids

  • Food Pumps

  • Paper Bags