Stay In Touch! 6 Tips For Quality Communication With Your Suppliers Through CNY

Have you ever been so busy that you try to do everything all at once and end up skipping a crucial detail? During the CNY rush for production, suppliers operate at total capacity, doing everything they can to ensure orders placed before CNY are produced and shipped on time. While suppliers often continue to do an excellent job managing quality, product inspections and quality assurance should remain a high priority. Unfortunately, it’s human nature: the busier we become, the more opportunities for mistakes.

December 21, 2021

Now is certainly not the time to go “missing” from your supplier. If you’re looking to continue producing high-quality products at an affordable price, it’s critical to remain in close contact with your supplier and closely monitor your order(s). Positive and supportive communication is always welcome in a chaotic environment and may help alleviate stress for both of you. As we enter a season of holiday hours and temporary closures, we – as a Global Sourcing Agency, will continue to provide seamless and efficient communication with both our customers and our suppliers because your project is our priority.

Have The Ability To Communicate In Person?

Need To Communicate Virtually?

How Can HB International Assist You?

Our team is located globally, incorporating various mediums to communicate with our customers and suppliers. We work around the clock to ensure our customers’ voices are heard and projects are produced accordingly. As a Global Sourcing Agency, HBI has project managers and quality managers located near our suppliers to provide a physical presence at many of our supplier’s facilities. From reviewing product details and physical samples to overseeing and approving product specifications and conducting product inspections and supplier audits, our team operates with quality as our priority.

Our open communication between customers and suppliers is what sets HBI apart from other Global Sourcing Agencies. If you value quality, open communication, and a driven team of managers and suppliers, then let’s start working on a project together.