We’re All In The Same Boat: HBI’s Tips In Preparing for CNY 2022

As a Global Sourcing Agency, it is our job to ensure our customers are well-informed of the status of their current projects, future orders, and the holiday schedules of their suppliers. While our world enters a season of excitement and joy, it is also a time that businesses endure a lot of stress. Temporary closures and shut-downs mean stagnant factories and an idle supply chain, as companies strategically gamble through their “built-up” inventory, hoping to appease customers through early Spring. For importers, the anticipation of Chinese New Year (CNY) can create havoc and unwanted agony as the dates of the CNY holiday can range between two weeks and a couple of months.

December 7, 2021

Last Minute Importer Strategies for Surviving CNY

We want your holiday season to be enjoyable and manageable, just like any other part of your year, which is why businesses are choosing HB International and our twenty years of international sourcing experience. Our experience and team of experts work closely with our customers and suppliers to assist in preparing for CNY and other holidays, as we understand the strain it has on businesses. Our team works incredibly hard to ensure projects and lead times are communicated appropriately, prepared, and executed accordingly to alleviate the tension that comes with any holiday season or supply chain disruption.

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