Working From Home: A Luxury or Necessity?

Before 2020, remote work was historically viewed as a luxury. Many of those who worked from home were perceived as fortunate enough to have the flexibility to be anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, a lot of that changed in 2020, as our world continues to adapt and overcome a global pandemic. Those who could maintain their employment were strongly encouraged to stay home and continue “business as usual,” as their companies worked tirelessly to adapt to a strictly virtual workplace. Working from home isn’t for everyone; however, with our global pandemic, many companies continue to push their “in-office” dates into 2022. Whether you’re new to this workspace or fairly established, “one-size does not fit all.” Here are our tips and tricks for maintaining a positive and healthy work-balanced lifestyle…

September 21, 2021

When Are You Most Productive?

In your new workspace, you may have discovered that you have fewer boundaries and a lot more flexibility in your schedule. Perhaps you feel a bit scattered? Some people may be experiencing a lack of structure or motivation because there’s no longer a need to plan around a morning commute. Many of us used our time to get ready, compiled with our morning commute as a way to “warm-up” for the day. Let’s think about it: How long does it take for you to get “warmed up”? Consider establishing a morning routine that invites your mind and body to loosen up and prepare for your daily work tasks.

Are you most productive during the early morning or mid-morning? If your current employment position allows for it, schedule your tasks around your peak productivity times. Perhaps you enjoyed your office s