Working From Home: A Luxury or Necessity?

Before 2020, remote work was historically viewed as a luxury. Many of those who worked from home were perceived as fortunate enough to have the flexibility to be anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, a lot of that changed in 2020, as our world continues to adapt and overcome a global pandemic. Those who could maintain their employment were strongly encouraged to stay home and continue “business as usual,” as their companies worked tirelessly to adapt to a strictly virtual workplace. Working from home isn’t for everyone; however, with our global pandemic, many companies continue to push their “in-office” dates into 2022. Whether you’re new to this workspace or fairly established, “one-size does not fit all.” Here are our tips and tricks for maintaining a positive and healthy work-balanced lifestyle…

September 21, 2021

When Are You Most Productive?

In your new workspace, you may have discovered that you have fewer boundaries and a lot more flexibility in your schedule. Perhaps you feel a bit scattered? Some people may be experiencing a lack of structure or motivation because there’s no longer a need to plan around a morning commute. Many of us used our time to get ready, compiled with our morning commute as a way to “warm-up” for the day. Let’s think about it: How long does it take for you to get “warmed up”? Consider establishing a morning routine that invites your mind and body to loosen up and prepare for your daily work tasks.

Are you most productive during the early morning or mid-morning? If your current employment position allows for it, schedule your tasks around your peak productivity times. Perhaps you enjoyed your office schedule? Why not create a similar structure at home that you know will benefit your productivity and daily tasks.

Have you considered creating a work schedule that incorporates rest, meals, movement, and personal time? Understanding your body clock and optimal performance hours will define structure into your routine and train your mind and body for consistency. At the same time, having the freedom to ‘work whenever, wherever’ sounds ideal, sometimes it’s just as good to incorporate predictability into your schedule, allowing you an opportunity to prioritize your daily tasks and allot specific time to accomplish your activities.