What Makes a Product “Good” Quality? Here are HBI’s Top 3 Criteria:

Despite the fact that many deciding factors influence whether a product is of good quality, the criteria are pretty straightforward. Creating a good quality product should be simple; it should always put your customers’ needs first. Essentially, your customer should not be able to see “life without your product.” While that may seem a bit dramatic, we mean it. Customers want something they can rely on that’s simple to understand and unchanging.


November 29, 2022

Establishing good quality doesn’t have to be challenging, but it does help when your team can identify the criteria that decipher what makes a product “good” quality. Through our experiences, customer reviews, and collaboration, our HBI team created a top 3 list of what we believe are the most crucial components of “good” quality:

1. Creates Value For Customers

Having the ability to solve a problem is truly what makes a product great. Customers seek out products that are simple, effective, and user-friendly. Paying attention to details and emotions a customer will experience when using your product are imperative and must be considered in the early stages of creativity and design.

Customers want to feel understood. Creating a product that offers a customer purpose or enables new confidence might trigger positive emotions and encourage the user to become loyal.

Essentially, our goal is to create a product for our customers that is:

• Relatable

• Delivers value

• Solves a problem

• Safe for consumers

• Use