How Efficiently Does Your Supply Chain Operate? How to Recognize and Avoid Disruptions:

There are many moving parts within a supply chain, which is why efficiency is critical. How well do you understand your supply chain? Does your supply chain function seamlessly? Or, do you notice interruptions are preventing your business from reaching its fullest potential? Recognizing supply chain disruptions and their effect on your business is a crucial step in establishing a prevention plan. Whether it’s a global pandemic or your product container gets lost at sea, how will your company respond?

January 11, 2021

The Domino Effect:

Anything can happen on any given day. Let’s imagine your supply chain is a string of dominoes. Those dominoes are placed with the intention to fall into the next domino or a chain reaction. Once the first domino is initiated, the dominoes begin to fall, one-by-one, hitting the next domino in line until the final domino falls. Unfortunately, suppose a domino is misplaced, or an object interferes with the chain of dominoes. In that case, the chain reaction is suspended, and action is required to continue the falling row of dominoes.

Like dominoes, supply chains are a compilation of interconnected parts intended to work seamlessly together to supply a service or product to a consumer. If and when the supply chain’s flow is disrupted, it takes time, energy, and sometimes additional expenses and resources to get the product or service back on its intended route to the consumer.

Identifying Supply Chain Disruptions:

As much as we all wish for things to run smoothly 100% of the time, we’re smarter than that. Com