Food Packaging in 2021: Meeting the Demands of Consumers

With our global pandemic, consumers continue to do their best to stay close to home, limit their interactions with people, and maintain an appropriate distance to help defeat the spread of this destructive virus.

As restaurants, cafes, and bars continue operations with less capacity than before the pandemic, consumer options for “to go” orders and delivery is quickly becoming the food and beverage industry’s lifeblood. How are restaurants meeting the demand of consumers? Do you trust the containers that they’re using? Are they safe? Tamper-evident? And the most important question: Is your food to your liking once it arrives at your door?


January 26, 2020

It’s dinner time, and you’re hungry. You’re about to order and treat yourself to your favorite restaurant meal and realize that the delivery time is higher than usual because you’ve waited until rush hour to order.

By the time your food arrives at your doorstep, will it be cold? Did any food or liquids leak during transit? Or, will you be able to safely enjoy this warm, delicious meal because this restaurant understands that food packaging is the lifeblood to success in the restaurant business?



From a Restaurant’s Perspective

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, food packaging may have seemed more about practicality and convenience; however, with food safety at the forefront of consumer demands, restaurants and food industry businesses are looking at the safest and best preservable options for food packaging.

To keep restaurant staff and consumers protected during our global pandemic, restaurants are restricting or ultimately eliminating the interactions between customers and workers, suggesting less dining-in capacity and encouraging more carryout and delivery opportunities. What does this mean for the restaurant and food industry? Carryout and delivery packaging must be high-quality, protect food from cross-contamination while still remaining cost-effective.


Food Safety Precautions

Restaurant food packaging should always consider food safety and hygiene. High-quality food packa