Ever Considered Working With a Global Manufacturing Sourcing Agency? Here’s Why You Should:

What is an international manufacturing sourcing agency? Choosing a global manufacturing sourcing agency isn’t as easy as you might think. Your company is essentially in the hands of another trusted business, which is expected to control your business operations in another country that you may or may not have access to.

With COVID-19, many businesses are unable to visit their manufacturing locations due to travel restrictions and limitations. Having a trusted international sourcing firm to assist in your product manufacturing and processes could be what keeps your business thriving during this challenging time. Are you still wondering how your business will benefit? Here are several reasons you should consider working with an international manufacturing sourcing agency and questions you should ask when reviewing these companies for the job.

February 22, 2021

Why Do You Need a Global Manufacturing Sourcing Agent?

Is your company looking for a way to optimize your supply chain? Import high-quality products at low cost? Ensure acceptable practices are being followed at reliable manufacturing sites? Are you looking to have “eyes” on the ground while still being thousands of miles away?

There are countless reasons why companies are choosing to work with sourcing agencies. Sourcing overseas can create many difficulties in visiting suppliers and interacting with the products you’re manufacturing. Language barriers and cultural differences between a company and supplier can cause many challenges and lead to production complications, inefficiencies in communication, and unwanted expenses if products pose quality issues. International travel is expensive, and with a global pandemic, the inability to travel is restricting face-to-face interactions between companies and their suppliers. The bright side? When you work with a sourcing agency, you’re not only getting “eyes on the ground” with an in-country project and quality managers, but you’re also saving money and time while maximizing your profits.

Manufacturing sourcing agencies work to provide you with ‘in-country’ personnel whose responsibilities are to ensure suppliers follow acceptable practices, assist and monitor your products during manufacturing. By conducting quality inspections and factory audits, sourcing agents will provide you and your customers with superior service and high-quality products at the lowest cost possible.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Global Manufacturing Sourcing Agent?

Working with foreign suppliers can be incredibly beneficial for your company; however, it can also pose severe complications because of language and cultural differences.

  1. Manufacturing sourcing agents will provide you with new a