Don’t Skip It! The Importance of Quality Assurance & Inspections

Often overlooked, factory audits and product inspections play a significant role in manufacturing high-quality products while simultaneously keeping manufacturing costs affordable.

March 04, 2021

Product inspections are critical to ensure your supplier is manufacturing a quality product that is compliant with specifications, government, and industry regulations.

In addition to reducing the cost of reputable product failure or damage and product recalls, conducting several inspections throughout the manufacturing process may be the best way to go, as the intent is to ensure production is completed on time and correctly. Therefore, inspections, product reviews, and audits may reduce the days lost in production delays or production reruns, thus adding value to your product and your customer service.

Product quality and cost are two of the largest influences when it comes to identifying suppliers and maintaining and gaining loyal customers.

For example, a customer may push for an affordable price but is the product high-quality? High-grade quality products attract loyal customers, and most people are willing to pay for good quality. But what happens when quality is overlooked for a low manufacturing cost?

Poor quality products or products with defects or potential issues will nearly cost a company more money during manufacturing and sales. But how?

These poor quality products have the potential to break or become easily damaged, ultimately becoming unusable. In short, customers end up purchasing more of that particular product; hence your manufacturing costs increase because of this specific product. By comparison, if you’re using the product through its expected lifecycle and lowering your manufacturing costs, you’re guaranteeing your customer a product that lasts simultaneously, building confidence in your brand and your goods.