Bring Your Vision to Life: 3 Easy Steps To Get Started with HBI

Are you looking to start a project? Do you have an idea for a packaging solution, but you’re unsure how to initiate contact or even where to begin? Many of our customers rely on HB International because we offer a wide variety of global solutions and we partner with high-quality suppliers and their teams to ensure your project is designed, developed, and produced exactly how you envision it at the most affordable cost.



May 11, 2022

Globalsourcing_step1How Do We Initiate Contact?

Let us know what you want. Do you have a photo? A product drawing? Product specifications that you’d like to share? We love details, and the more information you provide, the easier it is for our Project Managers and Suppliers to ensure we provide you with the most accurate information. By sending HBI’s Team ( an email or direct message through our social media platforms, we will use your product drawings and photo images to collaborate with our suppliers to see what our capabilities are to produce your specific product. Typically, we offer two options, stock products options and custom options. Depending on the information provided, you may be offered one or the other to suit your packaging needs.

Do You Have a Physical Sample That You Can Provide Us? We’ll Take It!

Many of our current customers work to ensure the accuracy of a project by providing physical samples to HBI’s Team and our Suppliers. Being able to touch, measure, and calculate a product’s details provides factual accuracy. Whether you’re opting for stock products or a custom option, having the physical sample allows us to accurately determine raw materials, production timeline, and product specifications catering to your project’s needs.


Now What? A Request for Quotation [RFQ]:

Of course, along with product drawings and photographs, other details and information are beneficial to our Team and suppliers