4 Helpful Tips For Selecting a Dispenser For Your Product

Dispensers play an essential role for many types of products. Consider the products you use, whether personal care, cleaning, food, and beverage. We use dispensers on a very regular basis. Depending on the product you’re applying or consuming, dispensers have been developed and manufactured specifically to transport that product within its container with the intent to be used and applied precisely. At the end of the day, consumers “want it all,” and it’s our responsibility to ensure our dispensers are designed and manufactured with the end consumer’s experience in mind.


June 7, 2022

How to Best Decide on a Dispensing System

Brands want the very best for their consumers. How can you provide consumers with a high-performing dispenser while ensuring reliable functionality, appropriate portion control, and an aesthetic appeal explicitly customized to your brand? As consumers, we trust that our preferred brands are thoughtfully making these decisions with us in mind to ensure that we’re using them the way the product is intended to be used.

How Does HB International’s Team Guide Customers in the Development and Manufacturing of Their Dispensers?

There is a lot of thought that goes into dispensers for our customers. During the development phase, we require information such as where will the dispenser be located? How will it be used? What is the particular portion size? What type of container will the consumer be dispensing out of? What kind of product will the consumer be dispensing?

Understanding this information and sharing it with our suppliers offers customization and the opportunity for optimum performance because they’re designed, developed, and produced with the end consumer in mind.