Hurdling Disruptions in Global Supply Chains

Whether you’re managing a domestic or international supply chain, both are a process that can pose many complications for you and your customers. When working with international distribution, risks are intensified at the limitations and knowledge of how to do it correctly. Awareness and experience are critical in global distribution, and the ability to properly execute plans of attack will not only aid in overcoming interferences but allow your business to thrive in a worldwide market.

May 13, 2021

Supply chain disruptions can occur both domestically and internationally; it’s how you prepare to handle these situations and execute those plans that will separate you from your competitors. Hurdles in global distribution can show up in many different forms and, depending on the severity, can lead to months or years of complications. How can you correctly identify a global disruption and adequately prepare for these disturbances? What do these supply chain interruptions look like? How quickly can your team identify and work to prevent these potential disruptions?

Whether you’re looking to ‘tap’ into the international supply chain or fully submerge, HB International is a global manufacturing agency here to provide you with everything you need to remain competitive and successful. Supply chain risks are heightened when working internationally; however, HB International’s experience combined with our team’s packaging knowledge and quality expertise is what allows our customers to continue to stay competitive and successful.


Overcoming Language / Cultural Barriers

Having a global reach and working with international teams and suppliers is such an excellent benefit for many companies. Engaging in international business allows companies to expand their access to talent, an opportunity to learn a new culture, as well as a chance to diversify their market and expose t