Project Description

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

The Essence of Innovation & The Abundance of Choice

By offering a large assortment of glass and plastic containers, our products provide a variety of packaging options for Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. Are you looking for a particular size? Color? Closure? Our highly qualified team of project managers & suppliers are committed to working with your customized order, catering to each of your clients’ needs and expectations.


Whether you need clear or coated glass jars, molded colored jars, glass dropper bottles, or fine mist sprayers, we make sure your design is elegant, durable, & beautiful.

  • Clear Glass Jars

  • Coated Glass Jars

  • Molded Color Jars

  • Glass Bottles

  • Sealing Discs

  • Glass Dropper Bottles

  • Caps / Closures

  • Fine Mist Sprayers

  • Flip Top Lids