Project Description

Cannabis & CBD

An Innovative Approach with Customized Results

In a wildly expanding and competitive market, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your cannabis and CBD packaging essentials. As you supply your retail consumer’s demands, we’re here to help you exceed their expectations. By providing you with the top cannabis and CBD products, such as clear or coated glass jars, molded colored jars, vials, and flexible packaging, HBI works to ensure that your packaging solutions meet each of your customers’ specific needs.


Whether you need clear or coated glass jars, molded colored jars, tincture, or concentrated packaging, we make sure your design is sleek and discreetly child-proof and meet all federal regulations and compliances.

  • Clear Glass Jars

  • Coated Glass Jars

  • Molded Color Jars

  • Glass Bottles

  • Sealing Discs

  • CRC Paper Boxes

  • Tinctures Packaging

  • Vape Vials

  • Vial CRC Closure